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2022 HK Chapter – Merit Large-scale Production Technology of Recombinant Protein

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Hong Kong
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Biomedicine & Biotechnology

DreamTec Research Limited owns the exclusive proprietary technology, which can produce various recombinant proteins with large-scale and efficient technology. Recombinant proteins are oligopeptides or polypeptides (proteins) produced in different prokaryotic or eukaryotic hosts (such as bacteria, mammalian cells, and plant cells) in a controlled form via modification of a special DNA vector with the recombinant DNA technology. DreamTec has a series of genetic programming systems to produce recombinant proteins, which can produce different recombinant proteins including interleukin-3 (IL-3), interleukin-6 (IL-6), transforming growth factor-β2 (TGF-β2), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), and stem cell factor (SCF) via fermentation technology for bacteria and mammalian cells as well as large-scale FPLC and HPLC purification technology. We have successfully developed different series of cosmetic medicine and health products such as restorative masks, biological tooth repair essence, and microneedle infusion solution for skin remodeling by utilizing different oligopeptides and polypeptides. Moreover, the scientific research team of DreamTec has successfully developed edible probiotics containing different compounds and growth factors beneficial to the human body. In order to develop high-end healthcare products, meet the people’s demand for high-end healthcare products, and reduce the government’s medical costs, we look forward to collaborating with scholars in China on different research projects that can be industrialized for the benefit of society and contribute to China’s economic and innovative scientific development.

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