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"Accurate Dose Tracking System: Dispensing Machine, Shared ePillbox"

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The world’s first dose tracking system with shared e-pillbox was selected for the 2018 The People's Republic of China Entrepreneurship Supporting Program. Addressing the problem of non-standard medicine packaging and bottling in China, the newly developed matrix-type automatic dispensing machine has a market price that is about a thousand times cheaper than imported ones. The dispensing machine is equipped with the latest medicine image recognition technology to recognise medicine more accurately, thus avoiding incidents of dispensing medicine wrongly, and patients do not need to wait for dispensation. With one dose and one brick, the patented unique door lock and ultra-low cost IoT e-pillbox, patients can be prevented from taking the wrong medicine. Patients can go home and use the mobile phone reminder and recording function to ensure that the medicine is taken on time. Doctors will also be aided in prescribing medicine moreaccurately. The aim is to prevent and control the spread of disease and make the entire population healthier.

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