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"Holoportation" real-time showcasing and interactive device

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Hong Kong
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Current CCMF/ CIP
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E-Sport/ Digital Entertainment
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Game Developers And Publishers, Tech Entrepreneurs, Startups, Academia
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Arts, Entertainment And Recreation, Design & Marketing, Franchising & Licensing, Media, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences And Exhibitions, Professional_Scientific_and_Technical_Services, Travelling

Holoportation”is an interactive experience that can be applied on stage or as venue installation in event industry. This is a box shaped device that can show 1:1 holographic image that seems like a real person is standing inside the box. The hardware of the device is a medium and the software can always be further customized to match with different business use cases.

The device is currently used at Cyberport and is expected to be launched in other types of sectors such as retailing and elderly care. Specifically for event industry, this device is seen as the groundwork for larger holographic stage production opportunities.

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