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Functional Hyaluronic Acid and Innovative Microneedle with wide applications in medicine and cosmetics

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Greater Bay Biotechnology focuses on developing innovative technologies in intradermal and transdermal drug delivery, including the frontier technology for cell delivery. With our patented cryomicroneedles (CMNs) platforms, we have developed a new administration route for therapeutic cells.

Cell therapy is booming in regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology and brings hope to patients of life-threatening diseases, however its usage is limited by the storage, transportation and delivery method. Our CMNs could benefit patients of cell therapies as it allows the storage, transportation, and in situ delivery of living cells. In addition to the CMNs platform, we have expertise in other microneedle platforms, providing reliable dissolvable microneedles (dMNs) for drug delivery. The dMN is based on hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial for providing controlled drug release, preservation of bioactivity for biomacromolecules, and precise penetration depths. We have developed dMNs with applications in scar treatment, anti-obesity treatment, anti-aging treatment and can extend to cancer treatment, and cosmetic applications should demand arises. .

We partner with medical institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and healthcare professionals to invent, develop and validate our platform technologies in cell therapy, medical and cosmetic applications.

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