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Deeptech vision-based artificial intelligence

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Hong Kong
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Government, Transportation And Warehousing, SMART CITY/ LIVING

WildFaces.AI owns the “On-The-Move” Vision AI domain with the protection of international patents, excelling in the use of IoT devices (e.g. drones, etc.) in “Wildly-Crowded” scenes. Disrupting traditional facial recognition technology and with ONLY ONE low-resolution & moving camera, we can recognise 100+ faces real-time in wide range – outperforming other suppliers who must install 50+ Fixed & high-resolution cameras, resulting in much higher all-in costs. WildFaces.AI owns its Proprietary Core Algorithms and therefore will NOT be affected by potential “US-China trade” sanctions. WildFaces.AI is also internationally recognised. In a Gartner survey of 97 Video Analytic Vendors around the world, WildFaces.AI ranked 2nd among the vendors.

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