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Covid-19 accelerates the demand for cloud-based file management services as a huge number of people are forced to work or study at home. Yet, the sudden spike in the use of such services represents added risks for an organisation, if the file management technology is not up to standard. Multiple copies, if unregulated, are a true concern. Worse is the case of data leakage: reputation built over years or decades can be ruined overnight. Cyberport-based Unissoft Technology made its elite data security and protection service available to a wider audience.

Retrieving archives: anywhere, anytime with ease and peace of mind

Long cherished by businesses that are obliged to manage massive amounts of data, on management or legal grounds, the iNAS boasts university-developed network coding technology to improve data security and storage reliability.

The revolutionary file management technology boasts an excellent user experience and user interface. Data migration, for example, can be conveniently and swiftly synchronised with cloud-based services. One Terabyte (1TB) of data migration can be completed in merely a day, equivalent to multi-million pages of documents or up to 17,000 hours of music. Another benefit offered by the service is 24-hour customer support, in addition to timely technical support, whenever necessary.

Over the last few months since Unissoft Technology, a Microsoft IP Co-sell Ready Partner and winner of multiple technology awards, made the iNAS available to a wider audience, the solution has proved appealing to SMEs and various industries, including trading companies, architectural firms, medical groups, as well as organisations such as schools and NGOs.

Quick facts

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure, iNAS features an excellent user interface and user experience, and proves appealing to SMEs and schools.
  • Offers a platform for multiple users to share and manage encrypted files across locations with ease.
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