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COVID-19 has had a major impact on the fitness industry. Operation of all gyms have been suspended after confirmed infections. With many people avoiding high-risk venues such as fitness centres and gyms, working out at home has become the new norm. By combining IoT-enabled fitness equipment with interactive training experience, “Move It” is a project launched by Eggplant Technologies Limited, creating an entirely new workout trend with huge impact on people's fitness routines.

Workout at home in a fun and innovative way

Many people firmly believe that they should keep exercising during the epidemic in order to strengthen their immune system against the virus. However, considering the cramped living space in Hong Kong, there can be limits on how successful working out at home can be. Adding to the problem is the fact that buying traditional equipment, such as exercise bikes and treadmills, can be quite expensive.

Though most people may not associate technology with physical exercise, technology can in fact play a crucial role. The wide-ranging uses of Move It fitness equipment-from dumbbell, and ab roller, to push up bar, jumping rope and punching ball-all come featuring IoT technology, not to mention motion sensing technology and bluetooth compatibility.

The equipment can be easily connected to a mobile app. With the motion sensing technology, the equipment can track movement, calories burned, and the duration of exercise in real time. And to make exercise more fun, Move It also gamifies the workout experience by adding various features such as a ranking and reward system.

Quick facts

  • Combine IoT-enabled fitness equipment with interactive training programme, the connected system tracks movement, calories burned, and duration of exercise in real time.
  • Over 500,000 registered users, and 100,000 monthly counts of use.
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