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The suspension of classes in Hong Kong, as a measure to contain the spread of the virus among students, has resulted in the widespread practice of digital learning. As tech savviness may not be the forte of some school teachers, students and their parents, Cyberport community member Bull.B Technology wasted no time in getting its online education and communications focused platform SPC upgraded, offering trouble-free user experience for those most affected by the adoption of digital learning practices.

Smart school management platform as communication key for school, parents and students

Launched in 2016, Bull.B Technology's SPC (School Parent Corner) is a smart school management platform. Its developer has brought to it a range of timely upgrades to better suit the needs of the school community, offering convenience to schools' administrators and teachers, as well as parents at this challenging time.

While the platform has proved that it is easy to use even for teachers and school administrators who are not particularly proficient in the use of modern technology, as compelled by the COVID-19, a range of enhancements have been made, on top of the regular elements related to school management.

As such, in addition to proper management of administrative issues such as payments, e-notices, attendance taking and students' grade management, the platform is enhanced with new, parent- and student-focused features like homework submission capabilities, a live chatroom and a video sharing tool for teachers to upload teaching-related materials. This way, no students will be left behind in the new normal of digital learning.

Quick facts

  • Enhanced features with parent- and student-friendly user interface.
  • Experienced double digit growth in usage.
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