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Disinfection practices are important to reduce the potential for virus, according to the World Health Organisation. The need to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces is higher than ever under the shadow of the COVID-19. While this vital task is conveniently ignored by most people, the disinfection work represents a severe infection risk for cleaning professionals. However, Cyberport community member Bull.B Technology has developed and deployed a smart robot to focus on the disinfection process before actual cleaning, thus reducing human exposure to infectious agents.

UVC anti-epidemic robot reduces workers' exposure to infectious agents

This unique anti-epidemic robot is a remote-controlled automated vehicle that can move, steer and stop - all with the easy input of its controller, who can then keep a safe distance from the action. The 4G- and 5G-enabled robot comes equipped with a camera system, which supplies real-time images to the controller, so that the controller can decide for the robot exactly where to go and if any high-touch spaces need special double disinfection attention.

Aside from the communication tools that keep the robot connected, the robot also features powerful disinfection weaponry in the shape of an ultraviolet radiation source, capable of producing radiation with a wave length of 270 nanometres; commonly known as ultraviolet-C, or UVC - itself a widely used sterilisation technology to quickly inactivate a range of pathogens.

The prototype first deployed in multiple areas measures 2.1 metres in height, allowing the disinfection agent to conveniently reach a large percentage of indoor spaces, particularly prone to high-touch risk areas. The robot's specifications are so flexible that it can easily be configured to suit specific usage purposes of different spaces.

Quick facts

  • First trial run by a cleaning and sanitising specialist, deployed in various office conditions.
  • Flexible specifications for uses in shopping malls, hospitals, schools and other high-trafficked community facilities.
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