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DELF spotlights the best of esports and digital entertainment extravaganza and opens new esports venue

The Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF), Cyberport’s annual signature events and Hong Kong’s first-ever esports themed international conference, will be staged on 16-18 July to present the most innovative evolution of digital entertainment. Echoing the theme of “Powering Up a Vibrant Esports Ecosystem”, a star-studded cast of leading esports industry icons and influencers will speak at the first day’s main forum...
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Unikeys’ crypto wallet with three-factor biometric authentication makes cryptocurrency transactions simple and secure

    Cyberport FinTech incubatee Unikeys has developed a UKey card and a Unikeys Wallet that allow users to send, receive, exchange, and manage multiple cryptocurrency assets easily. The card is shaped and is used just like a credit card.  It comes with a three-factor biometric authentication and allow to transact in cryptocurrencies, making it the first product of its kind. By scanning the fingerprint on...
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The Government, Cyberport, and Science Park debut the Technology Forum to spur innovation for public services

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), Cyberport, and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park will jointly debut Technology Forums to showcase the ways that tech solutions can be used to improve public services and to share some of the success stories. Innovators, start-ups, and SMEs interested in creating digital solutions to enhance city management can join the...
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The Hong Kong Government opens Smart LAB at Cyberport to supercharge government innovation

Hong Kong’s Smart Government aspirations took a big step forward last month with the opening of the Smart Government Innovation Lab (Smart LAB) at Cyberport. The goals of the Lab, located at 5/F, Cyberport 1, are to “Connect, Inspire, Co-create”. The Lab established by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) connects the service needs of different government departments with the...
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STEAM Building updates and upgrades corporate training with advanced technologies

Take a second to visualise the usual corporate training or web training, where people sit around a table or in front of a stage or computer and passively receive knowledge.   Now visualise teams of people donning VR headsets and racing drones, working together to fly a drone to deliver a package to a target, or playing robot football against one another....
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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum unveiled the New Frontier of Tech Venturing

Corporate venturing, the impacts of the tech cold war, and Asian investment opportunities were among the bevy of topics discussed at the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF),  held on 5-6 November, attracting over 900 technopreneurs, start-ups, venture capitalists, corporate and family investors from the region.   The opening ceremony of this annual signature conference was officiated by Mr Nicholas Yang, Secretary for Innovation and...
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