Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up insurance claims processing and lower operational costs has been a growing trend for some time.
JURU (developed by LIM Tech Limited, Cyberport’s Smart-Space company) is Hong Kong’s first one-stop InsurTech and LegalTech platform to facilitate the handling of personal injuries and employees’ compensation claims. The start-up seeks to help insurance companies and law firms to handle the claim process more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.
For instance, instead of spending a typical three to five hours on mundane legal research to identify comparable court precedents, JURU’s AI and NLP capabilities help insurers and diligent lawyers do all of that in as little as 10 minutes.
Calculating the amount of an employee’s compensation is also easier. The process reduces the risks of human errors through automation and enables earlier settlement with claimants.
LIM Tech Limited was founded in 2018 by a group of seasoned insurance and legal experts, who bring with them decades of practical experience and insights into the industry’s pain points. Over a year was spent by the team on JURU’s testing, training, and fine-tuning with more than 10,000 real cases used for testing to enhance accuracy and utility.
The start-up has launched JURU 1.0 and invited insurance companies and law firms to try the platform for free. The initial feedback has been extremely positive, and the start-up has already received many requests from other insurance companies and law firms to come on board.
JURU 2.0 is now in the works with more sought-after features, and JURU will soon hit the road to promote its product to more users in the targeted industries.

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