Ever thought that buying a home or applying for a mortgage can be as simple as booking hotels online?


It is now possible with Roots, Hong Kong’s first integrated robo-advisory property and mortgage platform. This Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) grantee has reimagined the property purchasing journey and created a solution that streamlines both property search and mortgage application for Hong Kong’s homebuyers.


By analysing the user’s social behaviours, needs, and affordability, Roots’ predictive algorithm can generate a list of prospective properties catered to each user’s preference through simple questionnaire with social media such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.


Roots’ live mortgage application platform is fast, transparent, and impartial. It compares various mortgage offers for the users, so that they do not need to mine through the banks’ information themselves. Instead of physically handing in individual applications to every bank, users simply need to fill out one 15-minute online application, and Roots will submit the application to multiple banks directly. Best of all, the service is free for all applicants.


Roots has onboarded all 22 banks in Hong Kong, including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, and DBS etc to provide mortgage offers. All quotations that Roots provides come directly from banks and are suited to the user’s specific needs.


Roots envisions to renovate, revamp and rebuild the real estate market, homebuyers will experience one of the smoothest user journeys ever designed to own their dream home.



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