Cyberport FinTech incubatee Unikeys has developed a UKey card and a Unikeys Wallet that allow users to send, receive, exchange, and manage multiple cryptocurrency assets easily.

The card is shaped and is used just like a credit card.  It comes with a three-factor biometric authentication and allow to transact in cryptocurrencies, making it the first product of its kind.

By scanning the fingerprint on the card, users can authenticate secure transactions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and soon also in ERC 20 tokens.

Unikeys has formed an exclusive partnership with French biometrics pioneer, IDEMIA, to manufacture the smart UKey cards. IDEMIA is a market leader in biometric augmented identity and produced more than 800 million payment and ID cards in 2018 via its partnerships with 1,800 international financial institutions. This strategic affiliation lends immeasurable strength and opportunities to Unikeys.

The start-up launched the pre-sale of the UKey card in early May 2019 and will start shipping the cards in early September.

Enterprise and merchant solutions are also in the works. Unikeys wants to enable enterprises to leverage blockchain safely and flexibly to manage their digital assets and funds and for merchants to sell products and services easily in exchange for cryptocurrency payments. Unikeys expects to expand the wallet beyond Android NFC in the near future to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

In addition to being a Cyberport incubatee, Unikeys has received the “Labell Finance Innovation” label from France’s Finance Innovation, which grants official accreditation to innovative FinTech projects.


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