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For many, it has been a pain to see the whole city hunting for face masks when protective gears were in acute short supply at the start of the pandemic. A sudden spike in the use of disposable masks, produced with largely non-recyclable materials, also represents an added environmental hazard. To deal with this 'mask crisis', Cyberport technology start-up, Bull.B Technology, unveiled one of the city's first re-usable masks, thus easing the pressure of the mask-buying frenzy and added burden to landfills.

Tech-laden face mask helps reduce environmental pressure

The washable and re-usable face mask, called the 100nm Photocatalyst Mask, was developed employing photocatalytic technology. The mask can be sterilised with the direct contact of ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can kill a large percentage of microbial, or possible infectious agents -- elements commonly found on the mask after use, protecting the mask wearer from getting infected.

Being aware of the disease-spreading risk associated with improper treatment of disposable masks, the mask-maker also offers one of the most hygienically sound ways to carry around the mask, used or not. This unique mask comes with a UV sterilisation bag, allowing users to safely keep their used mask separated from the body or other materials. Featuring battery-powered UV ray activation, the sterilisation bag can maintain its capability for up to as many as 100 uses.

While the new product, only released in April, is yet to be endorsed by international health authorities, its benefits represent an important contribution towards easing the pandemic and the environmental impact.

Quick facts

  • Layers made with medical-grade photocatalytic coating, said to retain 95 percent antimicrobial capability, even after 50 washes.
  • Features a changeable filter and multiple colour choices.
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