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MeReal Biometrics Limited


MeReal Biometrics Limited is a Hong Kong private company dedicated to changing lives with a revolutionary and easy to use biometric smart card for multiple payment and access applications. The only contact/contactless card with a fingerprint sensor, an acoustic signature and a recharging built-in battery. Use it anywhere, anytime not just at fixed readers, kiosks and ATMs but also on any device with a microphone, including the worlds 9 billion phone lines (from smartphones to landlines) and every tablet, laptop and PC with a microphone. Access - physical and virtual - and payments all on one card. Patented globally and in production. The technology was developed in France and the global headquarters were set-up in Hong Kong in 2015 to launch the technology and seek partners and strategic investors in Asia and beyond.
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    Name of Contact Person : Kate Davies

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    Website : http://www.merealbiometrics.com/

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