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Maventus Group

Social Media Visual Content Mgmt & Publishing

Social Media Visual Content Mgmt & Publishing

MavSocial is a complete social media visual content management & publishing platform. It enables organisations to store, organise and analyse all their social media images & videos for owned, licensed and UGC assets, plan simple or complex campaigns & publish to a wide range of social networks

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    Chris Hodgeman

    Chris Hodgeman

    Position :General Manager

    Keeps our fast paced company on-track!
    Matthew Holden

    Matthew Holden

    Position :Founder/CEO

    Founder and the entrepreneurial driver of MavSocial.

    Contact Information

    Name of Contact Person : Chris Hodgeman

    Email Address : [email protected]

    Telephone : 97300766

    Website : http://www.mavsocial.com

    Inception Year : 2013

    Office Address : Kwun Tong, NT

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    Currently doing converting note issue leading into a Series A later this year
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    Keen to work with people/organisations for both our mutual benefits
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