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Treehole HK



TreeholeHK, we are dedicated to leverage the power of mindfulness and psychology to empower individuals and organisations through training on personal development, leadership, and well-being. Since our establishment at 2018, we have collaborated with RTHK, Apple Daily, TEDx, CUH

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  • 關於澍洞

    澍洞致力以心理學、靜觀冥想改善香港人的心理質素。澍洞積極聯繫各界,合作伙伴包括港大社會科學院、中文大學全人發展中心等,以各種形式讓大眾以心理學角度認識冥想。以靜觀爲本,我們舉辦生活化的大眾活動,例如遠足及煮食等,同時亦爲企業團體、NGO 提

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