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Sea-E-O Boating

Junk rental & Yacht Hire in Hong Kong

Junk rental & Yacht Hire in Hong Kong

SEA-E-O is a boat rental company which offers unique private, corporate boat parties & events by offering a "one-stop service". We have our signature boat Infinity and lots of junk boats and cruisers available for hire from HK Island, Kowloon and Sai Kung.

Find out more at this link.

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    Our aim is to make customer "Get more but pay less", meaning we provide the same or even better services to our customers but the price is less than what they will be paying to other boat companies in Hong Kong.

    Contact Information

    Name of Contact Person : Joey Mak

    Email Address : [email protected]

    Telephone : 54894061

    Website : http://www.sea-e-o.hk

    Inception Year : 2019

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    My Wants

    Even though I have few years experience in the boating industry and I am confident with my service and boat quality, I do not have a customer base which is the main problem with my business now. I am trying to find ways to help with the exposure of my business.