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Yo!Yo!Dream! is a Hong-Kong-based open online learning platform. We aim to combine education with technology to improve traditional way of learning. Our mission is to digitalize and socializing education. Education is the transmission of civilization; It is the inheritance of lives; It is also the progress of life interaction. For the sake of our next generation, let us contribute to our society, our world, and our future. We hope Yo!Yo!Dream! can be a platform for all the educational stakeholders. Dear inspirational mentors and instructors, no matter you teach examination skills or academic knowledge, please come and teach with others. Dear aspirant students, no matter you are coping with practical needs, or you simply just want to learn, or you are pursuing your dream, we are here for you. Here we connect mentors and students; Here we connect experience and ignorance; Here we connect past and future, and we hope to carry this mission to the Asia, and then the World. COME ON! LET’S FIGHT FOR EDUCATION!
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    Name of Contact Person : Ho Benjamin Chin Ching

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    Website : http://www.yoyodream.com

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