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SpeechX Limited


SpeechX is dedicated to building an AI-based language learning system. Based on such system, we will develop a series of derivative products, including mobile App and intelligent learning machine. Besides, we also provide API services for our partners. With our mobile App, students can practice oral English and correct their pronunciation while teachers can view the learning reports of students and help them improve their spoken English. Our products can not only realize self-directed language learning with round-the-clock accessibility, but also give personalized feedback for students. To build such a language learning system, the key is mispronunciation detection and diagnosis, and our core technology lies in it. Our team members have about 10 years research experience in this topic, and have published about 20 related papers at some top international conferences. We have got three China patents (two of which are under review) and two US provisional patents.
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    Name of Contact Person : Dr. Kun LI

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    Website : http://www.speechx.com

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