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Sparkinoo Limited


Sparkinoo Limited is a content creator that designs, develops and manages virtual characters. Through multimedia production including animation, game, smartphone application, publication and many more, we aim to produce multi-layered content that audience from various age groups and cultural background can all enjoy and be benefited.Our mission is to deliver positive and encouraging messages to our audience through our very own brand of characters and stories. We compose our materials over the foundation of traditional virtue including sincerity, humbleness, and harmony. Season them with modern value of honor and courage. Then finalize with our hope and great anticipation towards the future. The value and demand for virtual characters have been rising in recent years. Many organizations realize the importance and benefits of utilizing virtual characters as their spokesperson. They are stable, flexible, easy to control, and establish strong impression towards the audience. Sparkinoo Limited is a response to this growing market around the world. It is a content creation expert founded by animation and movie industry veterans. We develop character branding and serve as the talent manager of these assets. We generate income through their appearance in various medium including but not limited to animation, live action shows, games, publications, and advertisement.
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    Name of Contact Person : Mr. Arkin AuMr. Henry Chan

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    Website : http://www.sparkinoo.com

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