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Signal Heart Limited


SignalHeart is formed by a group of Gen Y who would like to impact the world by solving social issues. Nowadays we notice that there is little outlet for people to express what they think; or because of their identity and social roles, they are bound to be restrictive. Thus, we created the SignalHeart platform. Incorporating the anonymity element, we let our users say what they want, express how they feel and start up a conversation with other users. We gradually see a positive outcome, in which users are open to share what they think and how they feel, and the others to provide feedback. To go further, we want to leverage on our user content to identify key trends and issues, as well as to introduce soft, dynamic ads that are adaptive to users’ texts and chats. We strongly believe SignalHeart will foster a new way of social networking, connecting anonymous users who are open to discuss everything they want. 
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    Name of Contact Person : Vincent Poon

    Email Address :

    Website : http://www.signalheart.com/

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