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Shenzhen Qianhai Artide Culture Development Limited


Shenzhen Qianhai arttide culture development limited liability company devotes to spreading new artistic culture , building artistic copyright of aggressive artists, and applies to developing derived produce and platform for exchanging electric commercial production. Injecting the function of social intercourse ,aggressive artists are widely concerned ,stimulating creation and inspiration through sharing and mutually communicating between artists and users propelling dissemination through social intercourse so as to drive the design sales and promotion of art-derived products. We will also unite the eight academies as well as overseas students including HongKong and Mecao in endeavor to build an intercourse platform for the new prominent artists and users. To deep explore artwork resources and attract investors who are keen on artwork. We will gather the new prominent artists and art lovers by using the thinking mode of Internet. Thus, form the resource bank of new prominent artworks and cultivate a brand new platform for the sprouting art. The arts should not only be the appreciation of beauty, but also be a colorful and brilliant lifestyle.
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