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Podconn Limited


Podconn is about empowering end-users to take control of their own devices and data in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment through user-friendly technology that delivers industry strength security and trusted privacy at the fingertips of users. Podconns vision is about a paradigm shifting platform that will make the personal and private cloud possible for the average user.  We believe that consumers are becoming more technology literate, not less. Mesh Computing is a concept about connecting users own devices without depending on the public cloud, putting the control over their own devices back in users’ hands. Podconn’s mission is to deliver an open standard based, zero-configuration system for end-users to manage their own network of devices with end-to-end privacy supported by PKI security without default passwords.
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    Name of Contact Person : Wai Kong SUNG

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    Website : http://www.podconn.com/

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