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Pacific Choice Development Limited


Pacific Choice Development Limited developed and published numerous titles for the Mobile platform. With its accumulated know how and development power, Pacific Choice Development Limited continues to produce game products for various platforms.Going forward, our goal is to become a global entertainment company providing various multimedia contents including games, for the maximum joy of people all around the world.To truly succeed as a future oriented global entertainment corporation bringing joy and happiness to all our players in the 21st century, Pacific Choice Development Limited wishes to go forth with the following visions:-The vision to establish and foster a global entertainment culture based on our passion and achievement for game development-A vision to become the regional leader in the digital entertainment and culture markets-Our cherished vision to constantly work towards the happiness and maximum joy for our players-To provide top quality services and products guided by a customer oriented philosophy that puts our customers first.
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    Name of Contact Person : Ms Joanne Leung

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    Website : http://www.telewide.com

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