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Openball Sports and Entertainment Limited


Our objective is to develop the world’s first-ever Tournament Management System for all groups/organizations to organize their sports competition in an easy and professional way. These groups/organizations often hold different functions to provide recreation for their members and at the same time increase their members’ sense of belonging. For example, a school would hold different inter-class competitions.Our system has a setup wizard which guides you through all the steps in 10 minutes. A fully customizable website will be created on which you can share the schedule, results, photos and video etc. The statistic function allows you to highlight the outstanding players. Visitors can become fans of players and support the teams. These activities can optionally spread on the members’ Facebook which helps to generate huge traffic. The information on the web is about the players themselves and most the visitors of the portal are the players’ friends. One may not be interested in NBA but they would go to OPENABLLS because it is about them or their friends! With the huge user database and traffic, Openballs is going to generate a revenue by banner advertisement, sports event management, sponsorship and e-commerce. Our short term object is that all schools in Hong Kong would use Openballs to organize their sports events. And we believe that it can help to raise people’s awareness to local sports and improve the sports culture in Hong Kong. In China, the sports industry contributes less then 1% to the GDP. In view of this, the China government is encouraging non-government organization to organize sports competition. The potential market is estimated to be 20 trillion and the growth rate would be over 15%. It demonstrates a great potential for our system. Our long term-objective is becomes the market leader in tournament management system in China and worldwide.
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    Name of Contact Person : Mr. Ken Chu / Mr. Yuk Tse

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    Website : http://openball.com/

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