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Movielearn HKG Limited


Movielearn has licensed content initially for 2 major hit TV series from FremantleMedia: ‘The Apprentice’ 飛黃騰達 and ‘Baywatch’. ‘Learn English with TheApprentice’ will be the first to launch. Movielearn is currently negotiating withmajor film studios for more content. Simply install the software and watch the movie DVD on the computer. As soonas the user does not understand the English, just press the Space Bar or EnterKey on the PC and the movie is paused taking the user to sophisticated learningpanels, including keywords Panel, Translation Panel, Personal Learning Panel andMovie Navigation Menu.Movielearn will initially launch in Hong Kong, followed by China, Taiwan, Korea,Thailand and Germany.
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    Name of Contact Person : Ms. Susan Macdonald

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    Website : http://www.movielearn.com

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