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Linksolutions Limited


Linksolutions is a fast growing multi-media entertainment company, focused on development in digital entertainment, games and books for children and mass game players. Our products have always centre on innovate and fundamental design. We view this as the core element in bringing enjoyable products to our players. Our objective is to make these games and books enjoyable to play and with a view to bring our work to a larger audience.Linksolution has always been focus on development of original design product.It focuses on designing creative and innovate product for the mass market.We have value our creative and original design as much as our customersdo. We have a strong believe that a creative and innovated product musthas is own market. Facing today intense competition, company like us mustdevelop its own specialties. That is the only way to distinguish from theothers.
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    Name of Contact Person : Mr. Stephen Leung

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    Website : http://www.linksolutions.net

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