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IT Wake Limited


IT Wake Limited was established at March 2012. It was founded by a team of engineering graduates from the University of Hong Kong. We are currently focusing on the e-Learning Industry based in Hong Kong. We are currently holding a technology licensed from the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Hong Kong (Versitech Limited), called iClass. We also provide other services such as mobile apps development, website development, social media, video production as well as graphic & UI design.    iClass is a real time interactive e-learning platform on cloud. This platform can change the traditional way of teaching and learning in class to a modern style of interactive learning. More in-class collaborations and assessments can be done conveniently. We hope that we can contribute to our society by changing the ordinary classroom environment to a much better one. Learning in a classroom can be more interactive and interesting than ever. 
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    Name of Contact Person : Ken, Law Kam Yuen

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    Website : http://itwakes.me

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