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HK Pick-UP Ltd. (Pickupp)


Pickupp is a fast growing B2C, C2C logistics platform offering the most efficient, dynamic, low cost solutions for merchants with delivery needs. We are specialised in providing on-demand, 4-hour, door-to-door delivery service. With our diverse and crowdsourced supply network - walkers, motorcycles, vans, we can satisfy any door-to-door delivery needs at low cost.   Pickupps uniqueness lies in the highly optimized batching & chaining technology, we provide tailored last mile service for both bulk & ad-hoc deliveries. Merchants no longer have to bear the high cost of a delivery fleet, but rather unlock the idle & available logistics manpower out there. Retailers can now scale their business without sacrificing speed & cost.  Our flexible delivery window and scheduling function for routine deliveries as well as sporadic demand spikes have already assisted thousands of online retailers to delight their customers with same-day delivery.
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    Name of Contact Person : Victoria Lau

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    Website : https://hkpickup.com/en/index.html

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